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#1 Loose Aggregate Supplier Essex & Local Areas

If you are looking for the best local aggregate supplier in Essex and surrounding areas, Widdington Recycling Ltd is the best solution! We provide first-class loose aggregates for commercial and industrial projects. We also offer premium aggregates delivery services for home, backyard, and garden improvement. With Widdington Recycling as your supplier of aggregates, you always get a wide range of products for construction and finishing works, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service. Explore our capabilities, choose the most convenient time and location, and we will deliver everything you need right to your door promptly!

Local Aggregates Delivery and Supplies

Most of the aggregates used in construction are recycled products. It is noteworthy that they help to reduce environmental pollution and make it possible to obtain high-quality building materials at an affordable price. As a leading aggregate supplier, Widdington Recycling Ltd offers an extensive range of premium loose aggregates that we can deliver in 1-20 tonne loads. Our material is also available for collection at our facility in Widdington. Just choose the right product and the most suitable delivery lead times, and we will do our best to serve you with high-end aggregates! 

From Widdington we cover parts of south Cambridge easterly to Haverhill, southerly to Harlow, and westerly to Buntingford/Royston. Offering friendly customer service and affordable pricing, we provide the best aggregates delivery and cover the following areas:

  • Saffron Walden

  • Bishops Stortford

  • Duxford

  • Stansted

  • Ware

  • Great Dunmow

  • South Cambridgeshire

  • Hertfordshire

  • Suffolk

(Other areas outside of these areas are available on request)

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is also known as grit sand or concrete sand. This aggregate is more coarse than other construction sands and contains larger particles. Sharp sand can be used for mixing concrete, stonework, external rendering, road paving, etc.

Building Sand

Building sand or soft sand is a very popular aggregate that boasts several multi-functional properties and is extensively utilised in bricklaying. This loose aggregate can also be used for internal rendering and paving works.

Garden Top Soil

This type of aggregates plays a crucial role in gardening as it represents a soil with many nutrients needed to grow plants. When you visit a local gardening centre, the abundance of suppliers and types of top soil can be overwhelming. That is why the best Essex aggregate supplier offers several versatile options that you can use for flowers, herbs, and trees.

BS3882 Topsoil

The BS3882 standard establishes several topsoil categories – multi-purpose and special for projects with specific needs such as acidic or limestone soil. Choosing topsoil from a dependable aggregate supplier means you will receive a high-quality product that is certified and meets all the necessary project requirements.

Screened Topsoil

Screened topsoil is perfectly suitable for garden and landscaping works as it creates comfortable pathways for nutrients to enter and facilitates plant development and growth. Moreover, this type of topsoil from Widdington Recycling supplier of aggregates is thoroughly sifted to remove any large stones.


Gravel is a natural material, predominantly run-in stone, extracted near rivers or in gravelly mountains biomes. To provide you with an assortment of products, we supply crushed and natural gravel, offering various options for your construction and decorative works. The availability of gravel aggregates determines a wide range of applications for concrete, drainage, and pipe-laying. Choosing Widdington Recycling loose aggregate supplier Hertfordshire, you always get the finest quality 10mm and 20mm gravel, ideal for all your building needs.

10mm Stone

10mm gravel is one of the most common aggregates offering excellent durability at an affordable price. The fine-grained aggregate is ideal for landscaping, driveways, and gardens. This loose aggregate from Widdington Recycling also can be used for ground drainage and bedding underground pipes.

20mm Stone

20mm gravel is the best choice for decoration, including landscaping and gardening. The stone has excellent frost resistance and low moisture absorption, so it is ideal for decorating pools, parks, and flower beds, etc. The affordable rates and comfortable conditions of aggregate delivery Essex make it an effective solution.

Aggregates mixed 

The mix of aggregates is a ready-to-use composition for preparing concrete or cement, which you need to fill with water. This product consists of gravel, crushed stone, and sand. The mix is the most popular option as it is ideal for various residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Widdington Recycling supplier of aggregates provides timely aggregates delivery UK and offers super affordable pricing.

20mm Ballast

The aggregate covers most of the needs of home and industrial construction. The product is ideal for creating general-purpose concrete mixes. Widdington Recycling loose aggregate supplier provides various types of aggregate delivery Essex, allowing you to get premium-quality 20mm ballast for your project on time.


Widdington Recycling Ltd offers top-quality MOT for sale in Essex and surrounding areas. MOT is a crushed material that boasts advanced durability and is a very hard-wearing aggregate. This loose aggregate's excellent properties make it perfect for levelling and allow it to be used as a base for driveways and roads.

Reliable Aggregate Supplier Near Your Location

Widdington Recycling Ltd is proud of an extensive selection of top-quality products for aggregates delivery UK. Our niche experience, seasoned specialists, and in-depth industry knowledge ensure we can offer the best solution to meet your demand. With us, you can get everything you need to achieve your goals in residential, commercial, landscaping, and gardening projects. We are #1 loose aggregate supplier offering fast and affordable aggregates delivery service in Essex and areas. So, contact us right now and choose the best supplier of aggregates in your location!