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Loose 20mm Ballast Aggregate

Image of 20mm ballast aggregate.

Order Loose Aggregate

£50.00£360.00 +VAT

Order 1-9 tonne online. All aggregate is delivered as a loose load. 
If you require more than 9 tonnes or require it to be bagged please call to discuss options.

Loose 20mm Ballast Aggregate

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Loose 20mm Ballast Aggregate Service

Loose 20mm Ballast Aggregate is the perfect product for anyone looking to create a secure base or foundation. It’s ideal for lawns, driveways and patios, and it can be used as part of a drainage system. The aggregate mix includes a mixture of gravel and sand, which means that the material is durable and effective at binding together when laid correctly. It’s easy to lay, with no specialist tools needed, making it an ideal choice for DIYers. Plus, it’s available loose, so you can easily get the amount you need for your project. Get the results you want with Loose 20mm Ballast Aggregate!