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At Widdington Recycling Ltd we are a responsible aggregate supplier that ensures its products have minimal environmental impact. By using recycled materials, we help reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. In addition, Widdington Recycling Ltd takes measures to protect the environment during production, such as using dust suppression systems and minimising noise levels. As a result, customers can be confident that they are contributing to sustainable construction by using aggregates from our company.

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Picture of the aggregate Sharp sand.sharp sand

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is also known as grit sand or concrete sand. This aggregate is more coarse than other construction sands and contains larger particles. Sharp sand can be used for mixing concrete, stonework, external rendering, road paving, etc.
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image of building sand supplied by Widdington Recycling

Building Sand

Building sand or soft sand is a very popular aggregate that boasts several multi-functional properties and is extensively utilised in bricklaying. This loose aggregate can also be used for internal rendering and paving works.
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Image of our bs3882 topsoil

BS3882 Topsoil

The BS3882 standard establishes several topsoil categories – multi-purpose and special for projects with specific needs such as acidic or limestone soil. Choosing topsoil from a dependable aggregate supplier means you will receive a high-quality product that is certified and meets all the necessary project requirements.
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Image of Screened topsoil ideal for gardening and landscaping

Screened Topsoil

Screened topsoil is perfectly suitable for garden and landscaping works as it creates comfortable pathways for nutrients to enter and facilitates plant development and growth. Moreover, this type of topsoil from Widdington Recycling supplier of aggregates is thoroughly sifted to remove any large stones.
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image of 10mm gravel stones

Gravel 10mm Stone

10mm gravel is one of the most common aggregates offering excellent durability at an affordable price. The fine-grained aggregate is ideal for landscaping, driveways, and gardens. This loose aggregate from Widdington Recycling also can be used for ground drainage and bedding underground pipes.
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Image of 20mm gravel stones

Gravel 20mm Stone

20mm gravel is the best choice for decoration, including landscaping and gardening. The stone has excellent frost resistance and low moisture absorption, so it is ideal for decorating pools, parks, and flower beds, etc. The affordable rates and comfortable conditions of aggregate delivery Essex make it an effective solution.
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Image of 20mm ballast aggregate.

20mm Ballast

The aggregate covers most of the needs of home and industrial construction. The product is ideal for creating general-purpose concrete mixes. Widdington Recycling loose aggregate supplier provides various types of aggregate delivery Essex, allowing you to get premium-quality 20mm ballast for your project on time.
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Image of Type 1 MOT aggregate, which is ideal for levelling areas.


Widdington Recycling Ltd offers top-quality MOT for sale in Essex and surrounding areas. MOT is a crushed material that boasts advanced durability and is a very hard-wearing aggregate. This loose aggregates excellent properties make it perfect for levelling and allow it to be used as a base for driveways and roads.
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Aggregates available from widdington recycling.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aggregates 

An aggregate is a granular material, such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone, that is used in construction. Aggregates are an essential component of concrete and asphalt paving.
Most of the aggregates used in construction are recycled products. Recycled aggregates are derived from crushing construction waste, such as concrete, bricks, and asphalt. These materials are crushed and screened to produce aggregate that can be used in construction.
There are many benefits to using recycled aggregates, including:

- Reduced environmental impact
- Reduced construction costs
- improved durability of construction materials

Widdington Recycling Ltd is a leading supplier of recycled aggregates. We offer an extensive range of premium loose aggregates that we can deliver in 1-20 tonne loads. Our material is also available for collection at our facility in Widdington.
It's easy to order aggregates from us. Simply fill out the form above and a member of staff will be in touch to arrange your delivery. Or you can give us a call on 01799 540022

Aggregates Supplier And The Environment

The construction industry has a significant impact on the environment. It is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and the depletion of natural resources. This is why it is important for construction companies to use recycled materials whenever possible. Widdington Recycling Ltd is a leading aggregate supplier that offers an extensive range of recycled products. Our materials are environmentally friendly and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Aggregate being loaded by a shovel loader ready for delivery.